Why is moclobemide for depression preferable over other monoamine oxidase inhibitors?

Moclobemide is an antidepressant monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) that does not interact negatively with the amino acid tyramine. Other MAOIs can inhibit the breakdown of tyramine. Elevated levels of tyramine can result in increased blood pressure, leading to a hypertensive crisis with such side effects as headaches or even stroke. This interaction of MAOIs with tyramine is sometimes called the “cheese effect” or a “cheese crisis.”

cheese moclobemide depression

Moclobemide use does not have the accompanying risk of this potentially dangerous interaction. Patients who are taking the drug as a treatment for depression generally do not have to follow any strict dietary constraints as patients who take other MAOIs.

The action of moclobemide is reversible. As of 2018, moclobemide is currently approved in the the UK, Canada, and Australia, but not in the US.

Moclobemide sells under the trade names Amira, Aurorix, Clobemix, Depnil or Manerix.