What are Larry Squire’s major contributions to psychology and neuroscience?

Answer: Dr. Larry Squire is best known for his work in understanding the process of learning and memory.

Larry Squire neuroscience memory

Larry Squire, born in 1941, is an American professor of neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry based out of the University of California San Diego. His main research interests are understanding the complex processes of learning and memory. He has done anatomical work to identify brain structures related to learning, particularly the medial temporal lobe. He worked towards dissecting out the differences between the two types of memory, declarative and implicit memory. He significantly contributed to our current model of the process of memory consolidation. Additionally, Squire worked closely with patients who experienced various types of memory loss, such as Patient HM, Patient NA, and Patient EP.

Larry Squire has authored several publications, more than 500 as of the time of writing. Some of his best known works are Memory and Brain and the textbook Fundamental Neuroscience.